Fish specialties that leave you speechles


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Homemade recipes and the cozy atmosphere nurtured by Restaurant Orca make already delicious dishes even tastier! Fish-based appetizers are made from fresh and carefully selected ingredients, and together they create the perfect introduction to the main course – during the day and evening.

Octopus salad, tuna pate, sardines, anchovies, even sea bass carpaccio, are the main stars of the appetizers served to the guests of the Orca Restaurant, with a lot of attention, love, and top-notch culinary experience.

True lovers of Mediterranean and Istrian traditional recipes will surely enjoy every bite of fish-based appetizers. One thing is for sure – it is easy to fall in love with delicious dishes that taste heavenly, and that is why all our guests always come back with a smile on their faces. Now it’s time for you to visit us as well!