Gastronomic pleasure with freshly prepared sea bream


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In addition to their visual beauty, the Istrian sea depths are rich in various marine species that, with proper processing and preparation, can be included in gastronomic dishes of superior taste and aroma. Gilthead sea bream is one of the most delicious fish whose season has just begun, and the culinary benefits of this fish are visible in the many ways of preparation and the wide range of flavors that can be achieved with its preparation.

We at the Orca restaurant understand the culinary value of sea bream and the professionalism required for its preparation, so we source it from local fishermen in Rovinj to ensure that the freshest and best sea bream arrives on the guest’s table. Aside from its aroma, sea bream is high in nutritional value, making it a healthy and convenient meal. Our chefs prepare gilthead sea bream in a variety of ways, but the best tasting option is grilled gilthead sea bream with potatoes to keep the fish juicy and fresh. Sea bream is a delicious fish, and a glass of fine wine in the Orca restaurant is a must!