Orca’s meat delicacies – a proven good choice for a winter dinner


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There aren’t any particular rules in enjoying a nice date night dinner when you decide to go out on the town. The only rule is to have a splendid time and to enjoy gastronomic delicacies at your favorite, or even an entirely new restaurant you haven’t visited before. Orca restaurant promises both: nice atmosphere and a menu with great specialties. If you decide, for instance, to reward yourself with a nice meat lunch or dinner, we have many options for you to decide.

Our fresh meat, which ranges from piquant ombolo, an Istrian traditional meal you mustn’t miss, to sausages and Istrian homemade prosciutto, which is our recommendation as an ideal pick for winter. Furthermore, our grilled steak, steak in green pepper, or veal medallions with mushrooms, will leave you more than satisfied. Plenty of options can be found as you first visit us, and we will gladly present all tasty choices according to your taste.

There is a lot of meat, and many other options, waiting for you at Orca! All you need to do is come by and enjoy quality, date night dinner in true comfort.