Orca’s Thursdays specialty that you must try


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The menu of the Orca restaurant hides many benefits – whether you are in the mood for seafood, shellfish, meat or something quite sweet, such as desserts or homemade wines, the Orca restaurant is always a winning combination to fulfill your desires.

However, there is a special specialty that is served on Thursdays and because of which many people come on that day of the week for irresistible flavors that are diligently prepared on Thursdays.

Of course, we mean the famous tripe, whose recipe and long preparation of experienced chefs of the Orca restaurant guarantees that you will more than satisfy your appetite. Fans of tripe know that hours of preparation are necessary for this gourmet specialty, but that is why the final result creates an indescribable atmosphere. You just have to try this traditional dish to know if you will fall in love or not.

We recommend it to the ones who like various flavors of meat, but the numerous ingredients and additives of our chefs will most likely decide in favor of this specialty. Should we expect you the next Thursday?