Perfect sea flavors on your plate at Orca Restaurant


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Despite the fact that summer time and heat have been replaced by an autumn atmosphere, you can still get a taste of summer in an unusual and unimaginable place: your plate at the Orca restaurant. Homemade and high-quality ingredients are essential in the preparation of top-tier seafood and fish dishes, which is why the Orca restaurant cultivates relationships with local fishermen, whose fresh catch, in the hands of top chefs, becomes an irresistible dish full of aroma and flavor. In addition to first-rate fish, the menu includes shrimp, lobster, scallops, oysters, mussels, and other seafood, and with the help of professional and friendly staff, you will undoubtedly find the dish that suits you best.

The welcoming atmosphere and traditional Istrian recipes will unarguably encourage you to savor every bite of the sea and put a smile on your face at the Orca restaurant.