Restoran Orca – the irresistible seafood on a plate


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From first-class fresh fish to grilled and fried fish; from scampi in buzara sauce to tuna steak and Adriatic squids; from pasta with lobster to oysters and mixed shells… It would take a lot of time to describe all the wonders that hide in our menu. Orca Restaraunts’ main specialty is the delightful seafood, with all its various and splendid combinations, so we can surely make your time (and appetite) worth the visit. Even so, if you are not familiar with many seafood specialties, we will gladly get you acquainted with all the delicious options and most wonderful wine combinations.

Whether you decide on house specialties, such as Orca mare Monti and crustacean fillets with truffles, or you only want to get your hands on our fish menu, all the options are available and each is more delicious than the one before. Fresh, homemade ingredients and wonderful flavors of the Istrian kitchen are only one of the reasons you’ll surely fall in love with every single taste.

Next time when you think of visiting a great seafood restaurant to indulge in only the fines meal courses, find us at the entrance to the Rovinj city, on the pearl of the western Istrian coast, where the Orca family restaurant awaits you.