it_German guests are amazed with our veal roasted under the bell -

German guests are amazed with our veal roasted under the bell


Roasting meat „under the bell“ is one of the oldest cooking traditions in Istria, but also one of the best ways to preserve juiciness of the meat and provide spectacular, one-of-a-kind taste.


Baking plate with meat carefully spread around is placed under the clay bell and then almost entirely covered with hot coal. This way we make sure all the aromas and flavors stay inside and we just let meat slowly cook in its own juices until its perfect.


Here at Restaurant Orca, we offer many specialties made under the bell including veal, lamb and fresh fish caught in the Adriatic Sea. Every summer our guests from Germany get pleasantly surprised and delighted with our tasty veal prepared under the bell. We combine only the best parts of veal with original Istrian spices and prepare it under the bell to provide our guests with the best food-experience ever.


Unique flavors and aromas of dishes prepared with this traditional cooking technique are certainly one of the main reasons why, both locals and tourists, are always happy to come back to restaurant Orca.


Treat yourself and your company with a perfect dinner – exceptional taste of traditional Istrian cuisine and best bottles of Istrian wine in a peaceful and comfortable setting of family restaurant Orca. Visit us in Rovinj and enjoy gastro-moments you will most definitely remember.





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