Sarma – a delicacy of our grandmothers’ kitchen


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For many, the favorite dish prepared by our grandmothers is sarma, and the smell that spreads when entering grandmother’s house while she prepares sarma on Sundays, fills all the senses and opens the appetite. Sarma is a cult dish that is adored by both adults and children. Minced meat and rice, wrapped in sauerkraut leaves and cooked in a delicious and aromatic sauce, is a delicacy that simultaneously enchants the senses, but also represents a healthy meal. Restaurant Orca offers one of the best versions sarma on Sundays,, exactly like the one prepared by your mothers or grandmothers. Experienced Orca chefs choose only the best ingredients and herbs to make the dish as tasty as possible, and prepare sarma according to traditional recipes, extremely juicy and soft. So visit the Orca restaurant, relax in a pleasant atmosphere and treat yourself and your palate to the flavors of traditional grandmother’s sarma.