Fisherman’s Spaghetti


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Summer always calls for creativity and fish in the kitchen. Fishing in Istria is of traditional and cultural value, as well as local Mediterranean cuisine based mostly on fresh fish and seafood caught in the clean and blue Adriatic Sea. Here at restaurant Orca, we offer our guests only the best and fresh fish and seafood caught by the local fishermen and prepared by our renowned chefs.

Try some of the quality fish and seafood dishes from our menu, including fisherman’s spaghetti – a specialty based on traditional recipes of the local fishermen. These spaghettis are made with fresh shellfish, shrimps and crabs with just a pinch of carefully selected and natural Istrian spices to give the dish some special aromas and flavors. The distinguished taste of fisherman’s spaghetti will certainly please the senses of even the most demanding fish food enthusiasts and provide them with unique food experience.

To make your dinner complete, we have also prepared some of the best bottles of Istrian wine that will elevate this meal to even higher level and leave your senses with the long-lasting aftertaste of pure pleasure.

Treat yourself to some of the best Istrian specialties and delicacies, prepared in a unique way, that you certainly won’t forget.  Enjoy food creativity and exceptional taste, perfect restaurant service and comfortable and pleasant ambience of restaurant Orca, in Rovinj. Welcome!